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Choosing the Best coffee machines for your Home

Taste Italy’s favourite coffee and enjoy the real Italian lifestyle. Visit our showroom where you can find everything you need for a perfect Italian espresso: professional coffee machines, design cups and other accessories – not only from Lavazza but also from the high-quality PERA brand.

Lavazza Coffee machines for free use


We provide free maintenance for our machines.

In case of error, we change of machine within 24 to 48 hours

Call our customer service, our colleagues are at your disposal.

Capsule delivery within 48 hours

Order now and we deliver your capsules to your home within 48 hours.

Machine replacement option

Depending on your consumption we can replace your machine bigger or a smaller ones.

Wide range of models for maximum quality any time, any place. The use of the machine and its maintenance are for free, you only pay for the coffee (capsules) as indicated below.

Type Place Advantages Capsules/mo Deposit
EP Mini home use
smaller offices
power saving,
compact size
EP 2500 larger offices
catering units
making milk drinks,
fully automatic
150 20.000 Ft
LB 951 home use
smaller offices
power saving,
LB 2500 larger offices
catering units
making milk drinks,
fully automatic
250 40.000 Ft


  • contracting
  • every month you can order the quantity of required capsules depending on the machine type, at your first purchase you can buy two months of amount (except promotional offers)
  • one-time deposit (depending on the type of machine)
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If you need further information, please contact our colleagues who will help you to choose the best machine for your needs.

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